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Save the Snow! Climate Summit- Mar 14-15th in Dillon, MT

Come join us Mar 14-15th for the Save the Snow! Climate Summit in Dillon, MT. Cory Birkenbuel (skier/owner of Birkenbuel Brands) and I have put together an event focused on bringing awareness to Montana's snowpack, and the long-term implications of a warming climate on the winter snowsport industry, along with ranching, tourism, and forest/land/water management. Our goal is to provide expertise to local stakeholders/community on the current snowpack (ENSO impacts) and trends over the past century from SNOTEL/snow courses and long-term context from tree-rings and lake sediment cores, future projections of climate on water resources, as well as local solutions for climate resilience/adaption.

Event Timing: March 14-15th, 2019

Event Address: Maverick Mtn., Polaris, MT, and UMWestern Lewis & Clark Room, Patagonia Outlet Store, Dillon, MT

Contact us at: (360) 471 8835 or

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Registration: (please RSVP by Feb 22nd)

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