Climate Change Websites

The following includes links to scientific, educational, and governmental websites


Education & Resources

Climate Change Films
Climate Skeptics, Pseudoscience & Climate Misinformation

The following links track some of the most prolific anti-science, anti-climate efforts


Science Integrity resources that identify Pseudo or anti-Climate Science Organizations

Union of Concerned Scientists   

DeSmogBlog Note: The Climate Disinformation Database has a staggeringly long list

Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes

The Dirty Dozen by Mother Jones

Key Funded Climate Scientist Deniers and Climate Skeptics

Craig Idso, Robert Carter (deceased 2016), S. Fred Singer, William Happer, Judith Curry

Myron Ebell, Kathleen White,  


Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) A pseudo climate science report from The Heartland Institute intended to cause doubt and confusion about the research

WattsupwithThat  -Anthony Watts runs WattsupwithThat and is NOT a climate scientist, nor finished his bachelor's degree  

Unofficial IPCC Report Backhanded analysis is meant to cause uncertainty in the findings

Organizations/Think tanks

The Heartland Institute  

The Heritage Foundation 

American Enterprise Institute 

American Legislative Exchange Council  

Cato Institute

Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) 

CEI Center for Energy and Environment

Cooler Heads Coalition (aka

Americans for Prosperity

Financial Front Groups

Donors Trust

Freedom Partners

Koch Industries