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Previous Research Projects

West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide Ice Core Project

I worked as a Science Technician on recovering over 1000 m of the 3300 m WAIS Divide ice core in the austral summer of 2008-09.  As a member of the WAIS Divide Project, I co-authored three significant publications related to the stable water isotope record and reconstructing climate over the past ~67,000 years

Tent City at WAIS Divide

Mt. Waddington-Combatant Col Ice Core Project

During the summer of 2010, we recovered two ice cores from the saddle between Mt. Waddington and Combatant Col. This project was led by then masters student Peter Neff, along with Eric Steig, Doug Clark, Erin Petit and Joe McConnell.  The project was a success, despite recovering only ~140 yrs of climate history from exceptionally wet ice and infilling of the borehole. 

Ice core tubes and coring gang with Combatant Col in background
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