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Prof. Spruce Schoenemann

I am a climate scientist who studies changes in Earth’s past to better understand the long-term context of human-driven changes and future impacts on our climate system.

I have a background in geology, environmental studies, and climate science, with a strong personal interest in boldly addressing the climate crisis through education & outreach, natural resource management, renewable energy, decarbonization, and sustainable design.

I’m passionate about protecting our winters and wilderness, and securing a livable climate for future generations.

Member of the Academics for Climate Advocacy Working Group-Second Nature

TEDx Talks: What will the climate be like for our kids?
UMWestern,  Mar 23rd, 2024
Upcoming: Glacial Geology of Montana
Block 4

Nov 12-Dec 10, 2024


New Course: PolarPASS-Exploring the Greenland Glacier Basin System
Block 6
Mar 14-Apr 6th, 2022 



Ongoing investigations using tree-ring based SWE records, along with lake sediment core records of calcite, and water isotopes of snowpack and precipitation, correlated with historical climate records to reconstruct past climate from high-alpine, snow dominated lakes.


Previous Projects

  • Co-PI, Polar Places and Spaces (PolarPASS), 2020-24, NSF Grant 

  • Lead PI, Pioneer Mountains LGM Glacier Reconstruction, 2020-2023, NSF Grant

  • Foy Lake Sediment and Tree-ring based SWE Reconstruction 2018-20

  • Greenland Subglacial Geochemistry, 2012

  • Mt. Waddington Ice Core Project, 2010

  • WAIS Divide Ice Core Project, 2008-2015

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