Prof. Spruce Schoenemann

I am an Associate Professor of Geology, Geochemistry, and Climate Science in the Environmental Sciences Dept. at the University of Montana Western.  I earned my doctorate in Paleoclimatology and Isotope Geochemistry with Dr. Eric Steig from the University of Washington.  I have spent years studying polar regions and reconstructing climate from ice cores, syngenetic permafrost, lake sediments, and tree-rings.  

Save the Snow!
Climate Summit  
Mar 14-15th, 2019
Iceland Study Abroad
Block 7
Mar 23-Apr 6th, 2019


Weather & Climate, Block 8
Apr 15, 2019 


Currently investigating water isotopes of southwest MT snowpack, temperatures, and SWE to determine Local Meteoric Water Line and d18O-T relationships for winter time precipitation to reconstruct past climate from high-alpine, snow dominated lakes.

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Previous Projects

Mt. Waddington Ice Core Project, 2010

WAIS Divide Ice Core Project, 2008-2015

Greenland Subglacial Geochemistry, 2012